Our Solutions

Payables Financing

Next-generation digital platform, enabling our corporate clients to maximize efficiency of their supply chain financing, without significant set up costs or long lead times.

Payables financing (PF) is our first core service, intended for a broad range of corporate clients - anyone with a supply chain. By leveraging our re-imagined operational model and strong digital enablers, we make deliver payable financing solutions more accessible to the supplier ecosystem - with fast and simple supplier-onboarding, real-time and automated processing and seamless connectivity with client’s ERP or treasury system. No need to log into yet another web portal.

Digital Transaction Services

With a best-in-class, 100% digital banking architecture, we will offer a broad range of digital payments, multi-currency accounts, FX and other transaction services to corporates and fintech firms in the UAE and the ADGM in particular.

AGTB throws open its cutting-edge digital capabilities (such as, multiple-rail payment processing and transaction monitoring), via flexible API connectivity to a broad range of clients. Our agile internal processes enable us to adapt to a client’s needs and provide a tailor-made payment solutions, quickly. Fintechs often need a bank that speaks their language and is able to augment their own client offering with back-end processing. We are that bank.

Receivables Financing

We will soon be rolling out this service, with exciting new features. Watch this space!

Payment Guarantee

A bold move away from the letter of credit-based trade transactions and towards a much more flexible and swift digital service - offering post-order, pre-shipment risk mitigation and financing to suppliers. We will soon be rolling out this service. Watch this space!