Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank Choses Assurance Software to Help Ensure Resiliency

18 December 2018 — Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank announced today that Assurance Software, a leading provider of comprehensive business continuity management and disaster recovery software and services, has become its business continuity applications provider.

“We are honored to support Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank in their multi-national, industry-disruptive mission to simplify and improve the accessibility of trade banking services through collaborative technology, data and a growing ecosystem,” said Craig Potts, CEO of Assurance Software.  “Ensuring business resiliency will be a key component of their success as they define a new model for global trade banking and we will serve as their go-to partner for all their business continuity needs”.

“Advanced technologies are the foundation for our ground-breaking approach to global trade banking,” said Bill Ashlock, Chief Technology Officer of Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank.  “For anyone who has been through a business continuity event, technology plays a critical role in managing and mitigating the potential impact for our client.  With Assurance Software we found an innovative suite of software applications which provides the foundation for our business resiliency initiatives.  We also found a partner that brings significant industry expertise and a demonstrated commitment to their customers’ success.  This partnership will be one of the key contributors to the attainment of our goals as we launch in early 2019.”


About Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank was founded as a joint venture between AGTB Holdings Limited, Rowland Family controlled company and Mubadala Investment Company. It offers the world’s first digital-only trade finance bank to encourage greater trade by companies, particularly in the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Asia. The company uses blockchain technology to offer clients full control over simple, streamlined and highly transparent processes, while analyzing data to mitigate risk effectively. Its approach will be to encourage collaboration across the trade ecosystem.



About Assurance Software, Inc.

With 700 customers worldwide, Assurance Software is the leading provider of comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery software and services.  Assurance is known for its easily configured SaaS applications that ensure a fit to the unique needs of each customer.  The company is also recognized for exemplary services provided from the industry’s only HDI-certified customer support center, as well as the industry’s only 100% up-time guarantee.  With Assurance as their go-to partner for continuity and resilience, businesses confidently mitigate risk, manage recovery, and safeguard their employees, customers, operations and brands.


Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank (AGTB) Limited (“AGTB”) is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of the Abu Dhabi Global Market. AGTB is not permitted to provide its services to retail clients.