ADGM Services

Making business easier in the Middle East's leading financial free zone.

Through our API connectivity with the Registrations Authority in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), AGTB can offer access to essential banking services to qualified businesses faster than ever before.

Starting in collaboration with our native free zone, ADGM, AGTB has developed a suite of APIs that can consume onboarding and KYC information from corporate registration authorities. Through your AccessADGM, any prospective client can grant permission for ADGM to share with AGTB, in real-time, client onboarding information and supporting KYC documentation already collected by ADGM during their incorporation in the free zone.

As an ADGM business, our solution offers you:

  • Expedited access to essential banking services with a local bank that understands your jurisdiction
  • Begin your corporate bank account opening process from within your AccessADGM portal, whether you have just set up your business or have already been operating
  • Greatly reduced administrative burden with pre-population of AGTB's account opening forms and, with your permission, transfer for relevant documents already submitted to ADGM during your incorporation process

Rather than requiring the client to duplicate their efforts to fill out a full bank account application, AGTB is leveraging all the information already submitted to ADGM, significantly reducing the time it takes to process the application and open the client’s bank account.

* ADGM Building Image is by courtesy of Abu Dhabi Global Market